Belkin n52te Hybrid Gaming Keyboard

Belkin announced a new product today called the Belkin n52te SpeedPad, which updates the Belkin Nostromo SpeedPad n52. The new n52te SpeedPad will be available in November for $69.99. The pad features fully backlit keys with the familiar Razer blue color and features a scroll wheel and 15 fully programmable keys.
An adjustable soft-touch wrist pad is built-in for comfort with extended gaming. The bottom of the device has rubber non-slip pads to keep the SpeedPad in place during spirited gaming sessions. Three keymap states allow you to bind more commands to the available keys and the device is powered by Razer Synapse software.

Onboard memory stores your programming choices for use on systems without software. The eight-way thumb pad is programmable as well and has a removable joystick. The SpeedPad is a dedicated gaming pad aimed at FPS gamers like the Wolf Claw Devour we covered previously.

Belkin n52te Hybrid Gaming Keyboard

Belkin n52te Hybrid Gaming Keyboard photo

Belkin n52te SpeedPad photo

Belkin n52te SpeedPad

8 Responses to Belkin n52te Hybrid Gaming Keyboard

  1. arrie says:

    no more hurt on your handwrist. Its so cool, or

    perhaps its just a good image?

  2. Marksweb says:

    looks like a system requirement is gonna be uber micro!! 😛

  3. Hohhen says:

    I’ve used a n52 for 2yrs now… cant wait for this new updated version. it looks so slick.

  4. DanB says:

    I also used the n52 for a long time, hopefully the buttons on this won’t be as sticky as the previous iteration. Other than that, it looks pretty great.

  5. TurboFool says:

    All I can say is this looks pretty damn sweet. I’ve never used one of these (held one at Best Buy, though), and don’t do enough PC gaming to justify one, but I would definitely consider it if I did.

  6. BAC says:


    The game pad is no improvement over the n52, some will think it’s cool, some won’t.

    BUT… THE SOFT WEAR IS SO SUBSTANDARD (I want to use harsher language)

    The software packaged with the n52te is so much LESS than what you could do with the n52 its amazing it sells at all.

    The only reason I own it is because there is no driver or software support for the n52 for win xp64.

    With the n52 when you created a MACRO you could edit the MACRO button hold and pause any where from 0 micro seconds to as large a pause as you needed.

    With the new razor software you only have the choice to set it 50, 100, 150 or 200 micro seconds. So when I need a 2.03 second pause between button selections I tried to insert 10 ea 200 micro seconds in the MACRO and the program would not save it.

    On a high resolution screen you can’t read the program.

    The bottoms don’t identify themselves correctly in two ways, if you have ever used the n52 you would know how much better the n52 software identifies the bottoms. For instance if you move your mouse over the button on your screen or if you press the button on the n52 it lights up not only the pad diagram, it also lights up the key slot corresponding to that key.

    BIG STUPID ERROR on the joy stick in the program the up or north direction is actually the forward direction on the game pad.

    All in all the software is a undeveloped, worse than the original, piece of DOO DOO.

    Unless you have win xp64 save your money and get a better product, the n52.

  7. OldGamer says:

    Purchased and brought home. Installed the CD which puts the base driver and the editor software on the machine. Download the update which erases the previous driver AND the editor and replace only the driver leaving me with no command editor!!!
    Try installing the Firmware update… Failure, Failure, etc. When it does succeed, XP wants the driver which I don’t have because its part of an installation package and not on its own so it can be provided to XP.
    Simple macro frunctions like “Run Macro while Pressed” don’t work and instead, just keep running!
    Try to ask about it on the Belkin Forums. I register and get no validation email that it needs me to validate?! I have the site resend 4 times to no avail. I call Belkin and get a lady in India who doesn’t know what a validation email is and when I do get Belkin US, they simply don’t do it at all.
    Everything Belkin does is outsourced to India. I guess they just don’t like supporting the American Economy.

  8. registracija domena says:

    brutal keyboard

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