Crazy new Wolf King gaming keyboard

Wolf King makes an assortment of gaming peripherals from mice to keyboards and game pads. Certainly, this isn’t a real keyboard thanks to the circular layout and FPS oriented arrangement of keys. The dual circular arrangement should allow you to get both hands in on the action while gaming and allow you to reach all the controls you might need without having to move your hands much. Oddly, several of the keys are duplicated on both sides of the keyboard, which seems odd. The device connects via USB to your PC and a pair of USB ports is provided on the gamepad as well.

Crazy new Wolf King gaming keyboard


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  1. Ge64 says:

    How the fark are you supposed to use 2 hands on your keyboard? Control the mouse with your leg? This would only make sense for a few games that dont use the mouse at all. They also have a keyboard that has the left circle plus a full qwerty keyboard, that makes a lot more sense.

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